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The Cancer Pain Research Consortium [CPRC] has differentiated itself from other organizations, like medical societies, through its unique mission, goals and function. Medical societies generally seek large membership bases whose dues support the administration of the organization, and that advocate for issues publically and at the legislative level.

Unlike medical societies, the membership of the CPRC will be charged to actively participate in the organizations initiatives. These initiatives include the following:

  1. Educate and set standards for healthcare providers in the best practices of cancer pain management
  2. Coordinate the conduct of clinical trials that evaluate and improve cancer pain control

The CPRC membership base must be able to contribute to the mission and initiatives of the organization. The term consortium, rather than society, denotes a goal-oriented, outcomes-based organization rather than a group distinguished by mutual interests. Based on that distinction, the CPRC has defined the following membership categories:

Full Member $250 annually

Fellows / Postdocs $100 annually

Resident / Intern $25 annually

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