At least half of patients diagnosed with cancer will experience pain either at the time of their diagnosis, during treatment, as a result of life saving or life prolonging procedures and at the end-of-life.

Patients with cancer may see multiple types of cancer specialists, such as medical, surgical or radiation oncologists. Each of these cancer experts utilize specialty-specific tools to manage pain related to cancer. Read more…


Our Mission is to be

Research and evidence based
Patient centered for patients suffering from cancer-related pain.

The Cancer Pain Research Consortium [CPRC] has differentiated itself from other organizations, like medical societies, through its unique mission, goals and function. Medical societies generally seek large membership bases whose dues support the administration of the organization, and that advocate for issues publicly and at the legislative level.

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Meet with your fellow Cancer Pain Research Consortium members at regional and national events. Join us for dialogue and interaction regarding the latest techniques for pain in patients afflicted by the side effects from cancer and its’ treatments.

See CPRC member Brian Bruel, M.D., M.B.A. featured in Pain Pathways.

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